Monday, 4 July 2016

Sammy's Luck

Sammy was just another ordinary boy. He wasn’t the shortest nor the tallest as he was of medium height. Sammy had very short hair and had eyes as blue as the ocean. His friend Stan on the other hand was quite different to Sammy. He was so short that it was hard for Sammy or others to even notice he was there sometimes. He had a huge black afro and eyexs that were as dark as the night sky. Stan loved to eat chocolate and other delicious sweets too.

Sadly, Sammy was very poor and lived with his mum in a treehouse that they had built before Sammy’s dad went to war. Stanley lived in a giant mansion with his parents. Sammy would always pray at night wishing that God would bless him with a miracle, and that day soon came.

Every morning when Sammy awoke to go to school he would stand outside on their treehouse ladder sniffing the air. A delightful scent of chocolate drifted up through his nose and it made Sammy dribble. Sammy only ever received a chocolate bar every two years for Christmas and this year it was time. The factory belonged to Mr Monka. Sadly his factory was never open to other people beside workers. It had been closed due to robbers stealing Monka’s recipes. While walking to school Sammy spotted a magazine on one of the chocolate factory's walls. A message with large font that was bright red and bold.

The message said ‘I will be opening my factory again. Simply buy one of my Monka’s chocolates. I have numbered each and everyone of these chocolates and the lucky person to get that number will receive a prize beyond all thoughts’.

Sammy was very excited, his eyes widened and he ran back home to tell his family the news. It was all over the news, on papers and magazines. Sammy pushed the door open and gave the news to his family. His family were shocked and surprised to here such great news but Sammy knew he wouldn’t be the lucky person to win that prize. Sammy was upset he knew he wouldn’t receive a chocolate bar his family was just too poor.

Sammy was always receiving certificates from school to reward him for his finished work. He had piles and piles of certificates sitting on top of his treehouse. He was a good boy and he never had overdue homework. Sammy’s teacher Mrs Locklord had just announced to her class a competition the she was hosting. The competition was this, whoever completes their homework tasks first will go in the draw to win a delicious chocolate bar. Sammy knew he had a chance now. He ran home as fast as he could and quickly grabbed his homework. Within two hours Sammy was done.

The next day Sammy woke up earlier than usual to double check his work. He quickly ran to school and gave his homework to his teacher Mrs Locklord. When the school bell finally rang Sammy quickly started racing down the hall towards his class. Mrs Locklord was writing the names of the students in her class that had returned their homework. There weren’t many names so Sammy was quite excited.

Mrs Locklord settled the class down and announced to the class that the first name to be pulled out would win the prize. She placed all the names into a cardboard box. After shaking the box for a while Mrs Locklord asked one of the students to pick out a name. With a loud voice the student shouted “Sammy!” Sammy was shocked and quickly ran to the front of the class to receive his prize (the chocolate bar). “I can’t believe it” said Sammy. With no patience Sammy quickly ripped the paper off revealing the number 26. Mr Monka was going to announce the number on the local news and Sammy was sure that he was going to watch it.

After school Sammy ran home just in time so that he could watch the local news. Mr Monka’s advertiser had just started so Sammy sat in the middle of their treehouse and just then Mr Monka announced what his secret number was 26. “Oh Sammy!” shouted his mum. Sammy along with his mum started dancing around their treehouse.

They then stopped and listened to the instructions the Mr Monka said next. Then they ran as fast as they could to Mr Monka’s factory and one of his workers let them in. Sammy and his mum were sent into his private office that was made fully of candy. Mr Monka congratulated them for winning. He then asked them a question that was going to completely change their lives. “Would you like to help me run my factory?”. Sammy and his mother couldn’t believe the words that had just come out of his mouth but after a while said yes. They never returned to their tree house ever again.