Tuesday, 28 November 2017

RLWC 2017 - Mate Ma'a Tonga Letter

28 November 2017

Dear, Tonga RLWC 2017 Team 

I want to congratulate you all (Tonga RLWC 2017 Team) for making the semi-finals for this years RLWC going against England. It was a tough match and I think the game was a really fun game to watch. Even though it wasn't the result most of us wanted this game has really impacted a lot of fans and supporters from all around the world. 

What I enjoyed about the game mostly was the come-back after half time, I enjoyed watching the teamwork put onto the field that day and watching the team continue even when everyone thought they had no chance. I have learnt a lot about the supporters and also about how much it meant to everyone supporting Tonga what winning that game would've done. Your team has made a lot of people proud including the King of Tonga himself! I've learnt a lot myself including to keep going and never give up.  

Congratulations again!
Yours sincerely,



For this presentation we had to find 6 different emotions pair them with emojis and then find songs that when played made you feel that emotion. If you click the emojis on my presentation it will take you to the songs me and my partner Cameo thought were the best for it. 

Words Problems W6 & 7

These are my word problems I completed for this week. We had to complete a range of word problems and show out working out too. Overall I did problems like division, multiplication and much more. Here is what I learnt!

Tonga vs England || My opinions and perspectives

Here is my reading presentation for this week. It was based around the Tonga vs England game and all we had to do was read 3 articles, write what they were about and how you know. We had to give our opinions and at times we had to find proof of it. Go through my presentation to see what I thought about the articles and the game!

Friday, 24 November 2017

Lunar craters

This was my animation I made last term. I had to show a question that had to do with space and answer that question using animation. I used the question I wonder why lunar craters exist? This is the answer I came up with, since I did this last term I wasn't able to add a voice over or any music. Heres what I came up with!

Monday, 20 November 2017

Child tooth Decay

Here is my reading presentation on Dental Decay in New Zealand and the struggle not only kids go through but surgeons too. Children are having to wait in long waiting lists and surgeons are now stressing out. 3 articles talk on the same subject and have their different opinions. Read my presentation to find out whats happening around New Zealand with tooth decay.

Thursday, 16 November 2017

Math Problems - BEDMAS

Here is my maths problems presentation for this week. We had to solve word problems that had to do with BEDMAS, Addition squares and also coding maths. A problem I faced was figuring out how to show our working with most of the BEDMAS problems. Go through my presentation to find out what else I learnt during this weeks maths. 

Wednesday, 8 November 2017

My heros, my reasons, my role models!

Do you have anyone in your life who has taught you what it is and means to be a good role model? Or are you a good role model already? Need my help? Well sure!

Being a good role model isn’t about being “top dog” or being the best looking. It’s more about what they do in your life or even try to do to make it better and easier. Just like my friend Suli! Most times she’s laughing but she always encouraged or stayed by my side even when I thought I had no one. A good role model is someone who would do anything to make you happy. Suli does way more things then others just to make me happy even if it means making her life harder. Sometimes she’ll get the blame or lose friends just for me and that’s exactly what a good role model should show.

Someone else is probably my nana. A good role model like her would cook us a big pot of food from something so little that had been sitting in the cupboard, will shout at you until you wake up to go to school, will buy you things even when you don’t ask. My nana lived a struggled life moving our parents from Samoa to New Zealand to live a happier life. They’ll go to endless limits so that your happy even if it leaves them in tears. A good role model is someone just like the two role models I have in my life.  

Look, what I'm basically trying to say is that a role model will help you live life happy risking their own. My mums a good role model, my siblings, my teachers even my principal. So there are my stories! Two role models I look up to and two role models you could take after.

Meet Koko: A female gorilla who knows how to use sign language! Or does she?

Here is a presentation about a debate between skeptics and Dr. Patterson. A Dr who defied the odds and taught a Female gorilla Koko how to sign. Did she really you ask? Well, some argue that their just complex tricks but here in my presentation is what I thought about all of this. The story of Koko a female Gorilla who can use sign language to communicate!

Wednesday, 1 November 2017

Our own band!

Last term for extension we were focusing on using Makey makey kits and scratch where we learnt how to code our own instruments using conductive tape and wiring. There were 3 different projects one a “game show” two a “controller” for people with disabilities and the last a “band”.  I was put into a group of 3 with Venetia and Cameo. Our project was to make a band with an instrument each which we had to code to actually play notes.

During the process we had to experiment using materials that could help us convert code from scratch to our instruments using tin foil or conductive tape. I chose to make a piano because I thought it would be an easy task. It actually wasn’t easy but I did manage to finish my piano. I used cardboard to make the actual keyboard and I used cut up pieces of cardboard that I covered in conductive tape so that when I connected the makey makey to my piano it played the notes that I coded on scratch.

Overall my piano was the only completed instrument in my group but I think a whole team effort was put into making my one instrument. This task set me a challenge that I think I completed which was to finish a project using my own skills and not depending on my group to do it for me. It was a great experience and I also enjoyed working together with my group.