Thursday, 18 September 2014

Key Competences

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Do you know what the 5 Key Competences are? Well I do!
This is my writing about the Key Competences. They are Managing Self, Relating to Others, Participating and Contributing, Using Language Symbols and texts and Thinking.

Managing Self-
Do you know what Managing Yourself means? Well I do!
Managing Self means your controlling yourself in what you do. Showing respecting others around you and controlling your hands and legs.
For Example: If you were walking down a school corridor and you kept on touching the pictures painted on the wall you are not managing your hands. If you were walking down the corridor nicely with you hands behind your back then you are controlling yourself.

Relating to Others-
Are you kind at school to friend? This is what Relating to others means!
This means you have to be kind to people around you. Also to make sure that you are not making others feel sad and putting them down.
For Example: If you were playing a game of tigy and someone asked you if they could play you should say yes. To make them feel like their important as well.

Participating and Contributing-
This means you have to be included in everything like games. Games are things that can include as many people as you want. For Example: If your class was playing a game and you were just sitting on the side of the field you are not. If you wanted to join with your class you are Participating and Contributing.

Using Language, Symbols and Text-
Using Language means speaking your own language. This also means you have to be able to say a sentence in your language.
For Example: If you say to your teacher “Can go to  toilet” That is not Using your Language. Symbols and Text means writing. It means to make sure what your writing makes sense.  For Example: If you were writing about your holiday and you said “In the weekend I go movies” that is not using symbols and text but of you write “In the weekend I went to the movies” that is using  Symbols and Text properly .

Thinking means you have to think about what you do before you do it. You have to be focused on your learning and your decisions. For Example: If you teacher asked you a question that was difficult for you you would have to think about it. If you just guess it you are not thinking. You can also search for information on the internet.

Now you know all of the Key competences and you can try and do some of them.  


Friday, 12 September 2014

Conch Shells


Information Conch Shells:
  • Female Conches can lay up to thousands of eggs. They start to emerge in about 5 days and they swim to currents and stay there for up to a month before touching the sea floor.
  • During the first year of a conchs life, Conchs live under the sand during the day and come out to feed during the night.
  • The queen conch lives an average life up to 7 years only, but are known to live up to 20 to 30 years.
  • Conch shells can produce pearls that are the colours White, Brown, Orange and pink.
  • Conchs only eat tiny marine plants because their mouth is to small to fit in any thing else.

This is one of the things that conch shells are coming used by



Many people in the islands are making money from the conch shells. By selling  jewellery made by them. Tourists who have never seen a real conch shell are mostly buying them.

People are often finding the conch shells in shallow water. They are starting to get endangered.  Also because people are eating the inside of the conches for food.

Use My Brain Use My Heart I’m going to be CyberSmart

Use My Brain Use My Heart I’m going to be CyberSmart this phrase is used at my school. It is one of our koreros for school in assembly. So that you can remember what you are doing online.

Use My Brain-
Use My Brain means you have you think about what you say to other people online. For Example: If someone showed you something rude and you decided to do the same thing you are not using your brain. If you decide to Use your Brain then that is good.       

Use My Heart-
Use my heart means to follow your heart in what you do.  It also includes your actions and what kind of heart you have.  Example: You have to be on the right site like if you were on Cool maths games and you were supposed to be on Writing you are not following your heart but if you do the right thing you are following your heart.

I’m going to be Cybersmart-
Being Cybersmart means you have to be smart when you are using your device. For Example: If I were to go on a dodgy  site that is not being cybersmart. If you are on the good  site then you are being cybersmart.

What a champion needs!!!


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