Friday, 12 September 2014

Use My Brain Use My Heart I’m going to be CyberSmart

Use My Brain Use My Heart I’m going to be CyberSmart this phrase is used at my school. It is one of our koreros for school in assembly. So that you can remember what you are doing online.

Use My Brain-
Use My Brain means you have you think about what you say to other people online. For Example: If someone showed you something rude and you decided to do the same thing you are not using your brain. If you decide to Use your Brain then that is good.       

Use My Heart-
Use my heart means to follow your heart in what you do.  It also includes your actions and what kind of heart you have.  Example: You have to be on the right site like if you were on Cool maths games and you were supposed to be on Writing you are not following your heart but if you do the right thing you are following your heart.

I’m going to be Cybersmart-
Being Cybersmart means you have to be smart when you are using your device. For Example: If I were to go on a dodgy  site that is not being cybersmart. If you are on the good  site then you are being cybersmart.

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