Thursday, 30 July 2015

Maths Problem Solving-Week 2

Walt: add and subtract decimals.

Furniture made from Kauri trees

WALT: put ourselves into the text.

This week for reading we are learning about timber and Kauri trees. We had to read a story and we had to imagine ourselves in the story and we also had to imagine ourselves selling the item in our story which for me was a piece of Kauri furniture.
We had to make a poster that would tell people about Kauri trees and about making furniture in a sustainable way. We had to find free to use images that showed people what they look like and what kind of furniture it is and what the quality was also. From time to times we had group discussion's to talk about timber and why its so valuble to this country and thats because it is a native plant. Hope you enjoy

Friday, 24 July 2015

Using a million dollars at the mall

WALT: write effective paragraphs using juicy and exiting words.

What if you had a million dollars to spend at the mall. Well I sure know that If I had a million dollars to spend at the mall that would be the best day of my life. I could buy whatever I wanted and I really do mean whatever which means to go travel around the world, bungy jumping, sky diving, iPhone, shoes, laptop clothes and even a car and maybe a whole store.

If I had a chance to choose a toy from Toy world it would be a Netball ball and a gigantic minion toy. They would definitely be my first choices because when I grow up I would like to be a Netball player so it would help me to practice. I would have a gigantic minion toy because I am a fan of minions and despicable me. I could just get the whole set of minion toys all to myself sleep with them, go shopping with them, eat with them too.

Foot locker is a store that sells shoes from brands that are very famous like Nike, Adidas, Puma and many more. If I had to choose to get something from foot locker it would be Nike sports shoes. I would store them all in my house on the wall, under my bed,on my bed, wouldn't that be marvellous. Just think if you had been saving up for a special shoe that you have wanted forever you could just get it maybe even two,three or four pairs how better does this get.

If I went shopping at JB Hifi with a million dollars well I wouldn't even know where to start. JB Hifi has lots of brands that sell electronics. For me I would probably go to the aisle where all the apple brands are. I would get a iPhone 6+,ipad mini, ipad, laptop and even a computer. There would be just too many things to choose from. I sure do know that I would go straight for the phones so that if I brought a phone I could just stay up all night playing games that would probably be my main reason for going to JB Hifi.

Buying all these things would be astonishing I mean like an iPhone 6+,brand new shoes how better does it get. However if I really had a million dollars I would lend some to the school to pay for some children camp because some families don’t have enough money to pay for their child's camp. I would also help my parents to pay the bills and the rent so that we don’t end up losing our house. That would be called being financially responsible.