Friday, 3 July 2015

What's happening in the school holidays

WALT: Continue to learn even when your at home.

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For these school holidays my family has been planning a trip to a place called Jump. We have been planning this since last school break and if you don't know what jump is well then where have you been sleeping under a rock or something. Just kidding. Jump is a trampoline park that has more than 20 trampolines inside it. They also have a foam pit and a dodge ball arena. When you make a booking you need to make sure that you have brought socks and I don't mean any ordinary kind. The people at Jump have made new special socks that are really thin and they say that you cannot jump until you have jumped to buy your socks. So that's where i'm going what about you.

PLEASE Leave a comment about what fun things your going to do in the holidays :)

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