Monday, 18 April 2016

10 Words to Say More Often

There are a lot of good words in our world but there can also be a lot of bad words and we don’t want that so by reading this presentation you will find out 10 words to say more often. Spread these words and help others who need to learn them.


  1. Wheoritia te atawhai! Well done Yvonne, you acting out our school value. What an inspiring and encouraging post you have posted here. I hope many more of Team 5 get to read this post and be reminded of how kindness can be thought of and actioned. I hope you are enjoying your break so far. Malo lava!
    Mrs Tele'a

    1. Hi Mrs Tele'a,
      Thanks for the great feedback, You have encourage me to keep blogging in the holidays. I to hope that Team 5 will also start blogging in the holidays about kindness. Have a wonderful Holiday break with your family and friends.

      From: Yvonne

  2. Hi Onnie,
    Nice Work, keep up with this blogging. Great inspiration, hope more and more team 5 are reading this. Make sure your kind to, and keep up with this work. I hope you are enjoying blogging so far.
    From Rosee


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