Monday, 28 August 2017

Team 5 speeches

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Last Friday team 5 was holding a speech day. Three students from every literacy class were picked to stand in front of all of team 5 and also the students from the Pavilion year 3 & 4's and deliver their speech. Me being a chosen student really isn't easy so here is what I thought about the experience. 

One of the speeches I found the most appealing was Amelia's, her speech stood out to me because of the subject and the different points she made. Her speech was about her Nana and the way she smiled even on the worst days like working as a janitor at her school, it was about knowing and finding out the reason behind her Nana smiling all the time even though cleaning toilets and floors isn't fun. She told us that the reason her Nana always had a smile on her face is because she loved seeing her grandchildren all the time. It wasn't about her job that made her so happy but the faces of her grandchildren and to me that is what a person to look up to sounds like. 

The most entertaining to me was Mubashshir's. A speech about being president for a day and what he would do to make the world a better place. I think this was the most entertaining because not only was subject something good to talk about but he also added in actions that I really thought were funny. Like throwing his hands in the air when his name was pulled out of a box, or like pointing to the audience when some words were announced. 

Something I would do to make my "How to look interested, when your not" speech even better is add more points and make sure that they're related to what most people do themselves when their in this situation. I would also work on my confidence and how to make myself stop laughing in between sentences or shaking. Last thing would be to memorise some of the lines more often rather then just staring down at cue cards. 

Overall I think all of the speeches that were said on the day and the people that were chosen all did a good job. I think I could've done better and I look forward to learning more about Oral language and using it in the future. 


  1. Talofa Lava Yvonne,
    I liked how your gave your reasons of why you thought they were Appealing and entertaining to you. Did you know that your speech gave me an idea of how to look interested when you not. What speech did you relate the most?


  2. Hello Yvonne!
    I loved how you explained the reasons of each speech and how you felt. Yes I know! Amelia's speech was appealing but I also found yours too! Keep up writing amazing posts like these as everyone is interested with your hard work. On the day, Which speech did you think needed a bit more working on?


  3. Hi Yvonne,

    I agree Yvonne. Amelia's was very appealing and Mubashshir's was VERY entertaining. I thought you did well. In fact I think you did really well! Your speech gave me some great tips. I really can relate. I hope the teachers don't notice anyone when they put these tips into action.


  4. Hello Yvonne!
    Your writing had a lot of explanation and expression. Amelia's speech was really appealing to me as well. I also found yours really helpful as well. I know how you felt. A bit nervous but still pushed through. My question for you is, Which speech do you think has the biggest chance of winning the comp?

  5. Hi Yvonne,
    I really liked how you explained how Amelia's speech it was exactly how she presented it and beside that I also like the detail you explained it got me attached to your writing. I loved how you explained what YOUR speech was about and how you have written down what you have needed to work on I really enjoyed reading it. What speech do you think you relate to? and Why?


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