Tuesday, 31 March 2015

Iv'e got the BEST NIECE & NEPHEW

 This is a presentation  is about my niece and nephew sadly my nephew passed away and sometimes I wish I got a chance to meet him. On the other hand my niece survived and I got a chance to meet her. Even though Atticus is not alive at least he has gone to a special place called heaven and at least I know that he is still apart of me and he is still in my heart.R.I.P Atticus.

Who likes sharks?

Walt: know that other people might take a different judgement from the same information.

Task description: Our task was to about liking sharks, we had to think from their point of view and write what your thoughts and ideas were. We also had to think about what they would say it's kind of like reading their minds. These were my thoughts.

Thursday, 26 March 2015

Who cares about penguins?

Walt: Know that other people might take a different judgement from the same information. 

Task description: Our task was to write about caring for blue penguins. It's just like reading their minds. We had to think about the text about them and their opinions, write what you think they would do. 

Friday, 20 March 2015

My Camp Experience

WALT:Organise my ideas into paragraphs and link them together.

When I say real, you say deals,  real, deals , real, deals sorry about that I got a little carried away with that. Did you know that my school has been having a year 5 & 6 annual camp for 25 years now? Crazy you think. This year I joined in on that particular camp and I was chosen to be one of the leaders with a boy Zackariah . This is what went on.

This particular camp has been going on since 1991 which is a long time. On this camp it was going to be the last time I was going to be on that camp I had to make the most of this years one. Last year when I was a year 5 I was in the All Stars. I wasn’t a leader then but this year is different.  The activities I was looking forward to was kayaking, baking, top town or killer zone, free time in the hall and get lost known also as the (amazing race).

During camp my favorite highlight was Kayaking down at the beach with Mr Burt. You guy’s probably have already heard of kayaking but if you haven’t find out and have a go yourself. This was my first time. When we got down to the beach Mr burt took us through the  instructions first then we got to have a go ourselves. I had a go first on a double kayak with a friend then I thought I could have a go my self. I tried it. I actually ended up liking it this is definitely going to end up being one of my hobbies.

My second highlight was baking with Mrs Jarman. We were baking Auntie Dians cookies. This was my second time baking with her. First we had to get the ingredients and mix it all together. We were having fun mixing. Then when all the mixture was ready it was time to get messy. We had to make the shape and quickly put them into the oven at 105 degrees. We had to keep a close eye out for them so they didn't burn. When they came out of the oven we had to put them onto the tray for them to cool down for our morning tea.

Camp was fun and exciting for me also this being the last time. During the end of this camp I learnt that you have to make then most of something your doing for the last time. Like this camp.

Marked by: Venetia

Task description: This is my recount about our year 5 and 6 camp. Our teacher had asked us to write a reflection about our highlights about camp.

Thursday, 19 March 2015

Auckland Maritime Museum

The year 5,6,7 and 8 extension got the opportunity to visit the Auckland Maritime Museum. We were going there to meet the Malama Honua Worldwide voyage (Meaning: To care for our Earth) and also to find out about their boat that they travel on the Hikianalia. 

When we arrived at the Museum we met out instructors. Straight away when we walked inside we saw artwork from famous artists. There were three main activities that we had to participate in. The first was the peace flag activity. It is when you draw pictures of what the things on earth you care about.We also had to write messages of support and hope all the messages would be sewn together to be made into a quilt. The messages would be sent to different countries around the world. 

The second activity was to do with the Hikianalia. We got to have a tour around to find out how they live in a waka. First we had to be numbered off. Then put into groups. We saw how they slept and where they slept, also got to have a tour around to see how they cooked and where they went to the toilet. The most fun part was seeing all their devices they keep in the captains room and talking about it.That I had to say was the best activity out of all the three.

The third and last activity was learning how to use a star compass. What was really cool about it was the fact that our instructor was one of the 1 of 4 people in the WORLD to know and learn how to use a star compass without any technology on a waka. His name is Kalepa Baybayan. He taught us all the names of the star compass and what they meant. 

In the end we said our goodbyes and Iisa one of the members in our extension group said a speech to our instructors to say thank you. Finally we got to eat our lunch. Then we had another tour around the Museum to see all of the boats that had traveled all around the world. Then we got to walk down to the Silo Park. 

Tuesday, 10 March 2015

Gloria's camp experience.

Walt: Make connections across a wide range of texts.

I had visited Gloria's blog today to get information about her year 5 & 6 camp experience. 

Image result for year 5 and 6 camp Pt England SchoolShe wrote information about her feelings and what she was looking forward to and what she wasn't. There was one thing she was looking forward to which was swimming in the lagoon. Sadly I found out that there was one thing she wasn't looking forward to which was  the concert she was not a fan of performing. That was bad. 

Image result for year 5 and 6 camp Pt England School

Her story made me more exited for camp, she gave me information that sounded like it was going to be fun this year. There were some things that didn't make me feel exited. Like her nerves for the concert. 

Shout out to Gloria for this amazing post about her experience at her camp. Visit her blog by pushing the blue link to find out more amazing things. Gloria 
Task description: For this task we had to use Google search to find a blog post about the previous year 5 and 6 camp. 

Friday, 6 March 2015

The Newspaper Challenge

WALT: Write a detailed introduction with hook and orientation.

Well this morning I thought it was just going to be a normal day then all of a sudden my teacher Mr Goodwin tells us to put our net books away. I was confused weren't we supposed to be doing our writing? Find out by reading along what happened.

So I finally found out what we were doing, we were having a newspaper challenge I was excited. Our literacy teacher handed out our materials like masking tape, scissors, and newspaper but the hard thing was that we only had 8 minutes to build a tall tower out of newspaper I thought it would be impossible. If we won the challenge we would get a prize and you had to only be in a group of 5.

The 8 minutes had started and I was startled in fact our whole team was our team all helped out we were sticking things together, cutting things and obviously making things. During the 8 minutes my team was feeling really good then all of a sudden our teacher calls out 3 minutes left, we were putting the finishing touches together it looked pretty good but were we safe. There were only ⅖ teams that had actually finished my team (Team Talita) and (Team Rosalina) our teacher came over to Rosalina’s team first I thought our team had lost their measurements came out at 57.5 and then it was our turn our came out at 58 we had won.

When our team won I was surprised and happy, our team had won. I actually learnt something it was that teamwork can be the easiest solution to making someone else happy. It was a good feeling knowing that we won as a team.

Task description: This is my recount about the newspaper challenge My task was to write a recount about the newspaper challenge we had in class, with detail and orientation. I learnt that teamwork can unlock anything and anywhere.

Tuesday, 3 March 2015

Oamaru Creek

Walt: Write a detailed introduction with hook and orientation.

A dirty, stinky, ugly river is what our river is. Did you know that our creek used to be full of people swimming, some of you might think im joking but it’s true now people just walk past it like it’s nothing. What do you think we should do to help our creek?

Marked by: Venetia
Task description: This is a introduction about the river talks. My task was to write a detailed introduction about the river talks with only using a simple sentence a complex sentence and a simple question.

My Advice

Walt: Look beyond the text.

Task Description: As you can see this is my advice blog. My task was to write an advice blog to Langi. She is a girl that just arrived from Tonga and needed advice about Kakapo. She needed advice on what Kakapo is what endangered means and if Kakapo are protected species. Read my presentation to find out what I wrote to Langi for advice.