Friday, 20 March 2015

My Camp Experience

WALT:Organise my ideas into paragraphs and link them together.

When I say real, you say deals,  real, deals , real, deals sorry about that I got a little carried away with that. Did you know that my school has been having a year 5 & 6 annual camp for 25 years now? Crazy you think. This year I joined in on that particular camp and I was chosen to be one of the leaders with a boy Zackariah . This is what went on.

This particular camp has been going on since 1991 which is a long time. On this camp it was going to be the last time I was going to be on that camp I had to make the most of this years one. Last year when I was a year 5 I was in the All Stars. I wasn’t a leader then but this year is different.  The activities I was looking forward to was kayaking, baking, top town or killer zone, free time in the hall and get lost known also as the (amazing race).

During camp my favorite highlight was Kayaking down at the beach with Mr Burt. You guy’s probably have already heard of kayaking but if you haven’t find out and have a go yourself. This was my first time. When we got down to the beach Mr burt took us through the  instructions first then we got to have a go ourselves. I had a go first on a double kayak with a friend then I thought I could have a go my self. I tried it. I actually ended up liking it this is definitely going to end up being one of my hobbies.

My second highlight was baking with Mrs Jarman. We were baking Auntie Dians cookies. This was my second time baking with her. First we had to get the ingredients and mix it all together. We were having fun mixing. Then when all the mixture was ready it was time to get messy. We had to make the shape and quickly put them into the oven at 105 degrees. We had to keep a close eye out for them so they didn't burn. When they came out of the oven we had to put them onto the tray for them to cool down for our morning tea.

Camp was fun and exciting for me also this being the last time. During the end of this camp I learnt that you have to make then most of something your doing for the last time. Like this camp.

Marked by: Venetia

Task description: This is my recount about our year 5 and 6 camp. Our teacher had asked us to write a reflection about our highlights about camp.

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