Thursday, 21 August 2014

5 facts about Catherine Mayo

Here are 5 facts about her life.

1. She was born in a Catholic maternity hospital in Auckland
2. She’s in a band named Gentle Annie
3. She is a Violin maker
4. When she was eleven she discovered a book called the Barbara  Leonie Picard retelling of The Odyssey which got her into writing her own books
5. She was named after St Catharines

This is Catherine Mayo she is an author
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Thursday, 14 August 2014

The 1990 British Empire

This is my presentation about the 1990 British Empire and about the medals that were won also were it took place. It also has information about the hosting village and much more. If you think it was good please comment.

Punctuating a paragraph

“Go” yelled dad he was yelling at the T.V while watching the boxing during, the Commonwealth Games. Dad was watching very intensely David Nyika looked strong Boom his opponent was knocked to the ground. Hooray we all shouted David won gold and he is a champion. Wow I thought I want to be a boxer when I grow up.

Tuesday, 12 August 2014

Football Coach

If you are an awesome fan of football and you would enjoy helping others to become better at Football then this is the perfect job for you.  If you want to be a Football coach you will need to be able to inspire players in your team to to never give up. You also have to always smile and never get angry.

Monday, 4 August 2014

World War 1

World War 1
World War 1 began on July the 28th, 1914 and ended on November 1918. Over 100,000 people volunteered to be in the War.  By the end of the WW1 millions of mens  died in the War for New Zealand.  Pigeons and Dogs were used in the war to send messages around the country.

Between 1914 and 1918 more than 15 million women lost their lives. Making it one of the deadliest wars in all the human history. Thousands of countries were fighting against each other in the WW1.

Mr Burt and Mrs Flavell's grandparents were in the World War 1.  When the  WW1 had finished Mrs Flavelles Grandpa returned un wounded but Mr Burts Grandpa returned wounded in his lungs and leg.  The war was like a thousand kids fighting over a popular teddy bear.

To remember the soldiers that died for us we wear a red poppy. The soldiers that died were awarded the Victoria Cross. New Zealand fought for the British Empire and were apart of the Commonwealth.

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Friday, 1 August 2014


Commonwealth Games

The Commonwealth Games

The Commonwealth Games often called the friendly games has a unique place in sporting history. The Commonwealth is an international multi sport event like the Olympics except athletes are from Commonwealth countries.  It includes some countries like Pacific Islands, New Zealand and England.

The first games were held in 1930 Hamilton, Canada.  Eleven countries sent four hundred Athletes to participate  in the Commonwealth games they played in six sports and fifty nine events.  Since then the games have been held every four years.  However in 1942 and 1946 the Commonwealth games were cancelled because of the second world war.


The event has had many changes, even its name.  From 1930 to 1950 the games were known as the British Empire games. Later, from 1970 until 1974 they took the title of the British Commonwealth Games. Finally, at the 1978 games Edmonton Canada, this multi sport event changed it’s name to the Commonwealth Games.