Monday, 11 December 2017

Reflection for 2017

reflection for 2017 

Being a student at Pt England School for 8 years now really taught me a lot. Now that my time here has almost come to an end I've learnt and been taught different things. 

One thing i'm most proud of was just finishing school off and getting to the end. When I started school I was really slack and I slept in classes too, I hardly came to school to start off with and if I did I would probably arrive after morning tea. So just me finishing school off as 3rd = Academic in year 8 is something i'm really proud of. 

An important lesson I've learnt is "Achieve your personal best"! What it means to me is carrying on with work or goals in college even when your friends or others are telling you to stop. It means focusing when your friends are playing games or it means keep playing even if the score isn't what you wanted. It basically means carrying on even when you feel like you really can't. 

I hope next year my attitude towards teachers change. I hope to stop taking reading and maths lessons for granted and trying to get out of class. Me being in intermediate I usually found every excuse to get out of class or if teachers were watching I'd do my work but as soon as they turned their back I was probably talking away. So I hope next year this all changes. 

I know college isn't easy but when times get rough I'll always remember the saying "Never give up"! It means a lot to me because it was here ever since I started primary, so me taking it to college makes me think I can achieve more even when I think I can't. 

Overall my time at Pt England has been a great experience. I've had ups and downs with students and teachers but I'm thankful for everyone that has helped me get through it all. Including some of my closest friends Lani, Suli, Rose, Venetia, Lia and heaps more. One of the teachers that has helped me the most is Mrs Tele'a, shes helped me get on with work and focus when I needed too and she believes that all of her students had potential. Lastly I have my family, who have and always will be right by my side to talk whenever I need. I wish the best for all the year 8's moving to college and for the year 7's who are next to lead the school!  

Tuesday, 28 November 2017

RLWC 2017 - Mate Ma'a Tonga Letter

28 November 2017

Dear, Tonga RLWC 2017 Team 

I want to congratulate you all (Tonga RLWC 2017 Team) for making the semi-finals for this years RLWC going against England. It was a tough match and I think the game was a really fun game to watch. Even though it wasn't the result most of us wanted this game has really impacted a lot of fans and supporters from all around the world. 

What I enjoyed about the game mostly was the come-back after half time, I enjoyed watching the teamwork put onto the field that day and watching the team continue even when everyone thought they had no chance. I have learnt a lot about the supporters and also about how much it meant to everyone supporting Tonga what winning that game would've done. Your team has made a lot of people proud including the King of Tonga himself! I've learnt a lot myself including to keep going and never give up.  

Congratulations again!
Yours sincerely,



For this presentation we had to find 6 different emotions pair them with emojis and then find songs that when played made you feel that emotion. If you click the emojis on my presentation it will take you to the songs me and my partner Cameo thought were the best for it. 

Words Problems W6 & 7

These are my word problems I completed for this week. We had to complete a range of word problems and show out working out too. Overall I did problems like division, multiplication and much more. Here is what I learnt!

Tonga vs England || My opinions and perspectives

Here is my reading presentation for this week. It was based around the Tonga vs England game and all we had to do was read 3 articles, write what they were about and how you know. We had to give our opinions and at times we had to find proof of it. Go through my presentation to see what I thought about the articles and the game!

Friday, 24 November 2017

Lunar craters

This was my animation I made last term. I had to show a question that had to do with space and answer that question using animation. I used the question I wonder why lunar craters exist? This is the answer I came up with, since I did this last term I wasn't able to add a voice over or any music. Heres what I came up with!

Monday, 20 November 2017

Child tooth Decay

Here is my reading presentation on Dental Decay in New Zealand and the struggle not only kids go through but surgeons too. Children are having to wait in long waiting lists and surgeons are now stressing out. 3 articles talk on the same subject and have their different opinions. Read my presentation to find out whats happening around New Zealand with tooth decay.

Thursday, 16 November 2017

Math Problems - BEDMAS

Here is my maths problems presentation for this week. We had to solve word problems that had to do with BEDMAS, Addition squares and also coding maths. A problem I faced was figuring out how to show our working with most of the BEDMAS problems. Go through my presentation to find out what else I learnt during this weeks maths. 

Wednesday, 8 November 2017

My heros, my reasons, my role models!

Do you have anyone in your life who has taught you what it is and means to be a good role model? Or are you a good role model already? Need my help? Well sure!

Being a good role model isn’t about being “top dog” or being the best looking. It’s more about what they do in your life or even try to do to make it better and easier. Just like my friend Suli! Most times she’s laughing but she always encouraged or stayed by my side even when I thought I had no one. A good role model is someone who would do anything to make you happy. Suli does way more things then others just to make me happy even if it means making her life harder. Sometimes she’ll get the blame or lose friends just for me and that’s exactly what a good role model should show.

Someone else is probably my nana. A good role model like her would cook us a big pot of food from something so little that had been sitting in the cupboard, will shout at you until you wake up to go to school, will buy you things even when you don’t ask. My nana lived a struggled life moving our parents from Samoa to New Zealand to live a happier life. They’ll go to endless limits so that your happy even if it leaves them in tears. A good role model is someone just like the two role models I have in my life.  

Look, what I'm basically trying to say is that a role model will help you live life happy risking their own. My mums a good role model, my siblings, my teachers even my principal. So there are my stories! Two role models I look up to and two role models you could take after.

Meet Koko: A female gorilla who knows how to use sign language! Or does she?

Here is a presentation about a debate between skeptics and Dr. Patterson. A Dr who defied the odds and taught a Female gorilla Koko how to sign. Did she really you ask? Well, some argue that their just complex tricks but here in my presentation is what I thought about all of this. The story of Koko a female Gorilla who can use sign language to communicate!

Wednesday, 1 November 2017

Our own band!

Last term for extension we were focusing on using Makey makey kits and scratch where we learnt how to code our own instruments using conductive tape and wiring. There were 3 different projects one a “game show” two a “controller” for people with disabilities and the last a “band”.  I was put into a group of 3 with Venetia and Cameo. Our project was to make a band with an instrument each which we had to code to actually play notes.

During the process we had to experiment using materials that could help us convert code from scratch to our instruments using tin foil or conductive tape. I chose to make a piano because I thought it would be an easy task. It actually wasn’t easy but I did manage to finish my piano. I used cardboard to make the actual keyboard and I used cut up pieces of cardboard that I covered in conductive tape so that when I connected the makey makey to my piano it played the notes that I coded on scratch.

Overall my piano was the only completed instrument in my group but I think a whole team effort was put into making my one instrument. This task set me a challenge that I think I completed which was to finish a project using my own skills and not depending on my group to do it for me. It was a great experience and I also enjoyed working together with my group.

Friday, 20 October 2017

Mr Jacobson's hidden talents!

This terms topic is "Music madness" and this morning our school got the chance to experience and watch Mr J perform one of his hidden talents. He had 4 different wind instruments behind him which he taught us how to use and what they were used for. Also where they were made and invented. 

My favourite wind instrument he showed us was the Shofar. They were made by cutting off the horns of rams and cutting holes off the end. When they were blown they made a deep sound that was used to communicate with people and other things too.      

Niuean Language Week

This week was Niuean language week and to finish this week off during assembly we had a special performance from our own Niuean group. Students from years 2 all the way up to year 8 got together to form a Niuean group, practising all week during lunch times two kinds of Niuean dances. Both the boys and girls danced, first the girls and then ending with the boys. 

Something I found fun about the performance was the seeing all our class friends dancing and also seeing all the different colours on the stage. Our parents were all happy to see their children on the stage representing their cultures.       

Tuesday, 17 October 2017

Word Problems

In maths class we started up with a word problems presentation. We had to answer ratio and decimal word problems. Go through my presentation to find out what else I learnt.  

I am, you are, we are Niue!

This morning I learnt about the culture of Niue. Also about some of the difficulties of not growing up with your own culture and finding and keeping your culture alive. In this presentation I had to state my opinion about the text and about what I thought about the writing provided about Niue. Here is what I learnt.    

LAST Immersion assembly for 2017

It’s Term 4, the last term for all the year 8 students and school just started up again today. Walking through the red school gates I noticed all the teachers wearing really bright clothes. I remembered that we had Immersion assembly this morning, something to look forward to. Here are my thoughts about my last Immersion assembly at Pt England School.

I found team 5’s item the most entertaining because of the sense of humour that all the teachers were putting into their items. Even the way the characters were grouped as a family. Also because if the facial expressions they showed everytime the song changed. Everytime they changed songs they would also change the way they felt, their emotions and I found it funny the way they did change. One last thing was the popcorn throwing, there was popcorn everywhere and for a little they even threw it at each other.

The most informative was team 3’s item because they played a movie showing an example of what they were specifically doing this term. A movie showing how to tell stories using songs, I found the movie interesting and funny too. It definitely is a smart way to show the focus of the terms topic.

This was my last time watching our schools immersion assembly, I am a year 8 and my time at Pt England has almost come to an end. Something i’m looking forward to the most is just seeing our school making music, music videos or even instruments and spending the term with my friends and teachers before I go to college.

Tuesday, 26 September 2017

Elections 2017

Here is a short presentation about the recent elections that's been happening in New Zealand. We had to find photos of the different parties that were being  voted for.  

Friday, 22 September 2017

AIMS || 7's boys go for GOLD!

In this weeks literacy we had an activity which had to do with the article about out 7's boys taking out 1st place in the AIMS games. We had to read the article and answer the questions with what we thought was right and wrong about what the author had written about our school. 

Manaiakalani Film festival experience

Image result for manaiakalani

During this week Room 3 got the chance to start filming our movie for the Manaiakalani Film festival. A annual event which takes place at the cinemas showing movies that have been created from all the schools around Glenn Innes and Panmure. Here is what I thought about the experience filming Room 3's movie this year movie gave. 

Something I enjoyed was seeing everyone acting humorous, changing the tones of their voice and also the different ways we all dressed. It made the movie more interesting and also made it look like we were all real actors. 

The most challenging bit was remembering our lines and also trying to keep a straight face every time the camera was really close to our faces. Sometimes it would take over 7 goes to film one scene just because we forgot our lines. We would even laugh when the camera was pointed towards our direction making it harder to concentrate.    

If i was to film again something I would do better is dress up but wear something that would suit the topic of the film. This year I think I could've done way better with dressing up in the correct clothes. I would also take time to practice way more of my lines so that when it's time to film we can just get it over and done with. 

Being in another movie I have no ideas that I think would work but overall filming this years movie was a great experience. Being a year 8 this is my last Film festival movie so something that I learnt is to make the most of the time you have in intermediate. 

Thursday, 21 September 2017

Ratio and Proportion WP

WALT: Explain or show the steps used to solve each problem.

During the past 2 weeks we've been focusing on Ratio and proportion word problems. We had to show the way we worked it out. Something I think i need to work on is finding more simple ways to work these word problems out. Go through my presentation to and see what we've been learning in room 5 Maths.  

Monday, 11 September 2017

Multiplication Pyramid

In today's maths class we did a short warm up which taught me how to multiply big numbers. First we start with the bottom row making our way up, the numbers also get bigger. Something I need to work on is knowing my timestables without using the calculator.  

Thursday, 7 September 2017

Word Problems

In todays maths class we early finishers had to complete a Word problems presentation. Most of the questions I used addition to work out but some were subtraction. Somethings I need to do better is working out the problems and making them even more simple. Go through my presentation to see the word problems I solved with my buddy. 

Wednesday, 6 September 2017

Transformation Word Problems

In today's maths class we've been doing decimal word problems. In this presentation we've been adding and subtracting decimal word problems. Something I need to work on is my working out and how I get my answer.Go through my presentation to find out what else I did during maths. 

Monday, 4 September 2017

Reflecting Shapes

WALT: Rotate, Reflect and Translate shapes.

In this maths class we took a 10 question quiz about reflecting shapes. We had to answer the questions and then see what we got out of 10 my score was 4. These 2 screenshots show the 2 questions I found the easiest and the hardest. We worked on learning how to rotate clockwise and anti-clockwise and then we moved on to degrees. One thing to work on for reflecting shapes would be to look at shapes from more than one direction. 

                         Hardest                                           Easiest

Thursday, 31 August 2017

Word Problems

In today's maths class we finished and started a whole presentation about Word Problems. We had to solve each word problem and then show how we got out answer. Something I think I need to word on is Fraction word problems, read my presentation to find out what our maths class learnt. 

Wednesday, 30 August 2017

Geometry Rockets

In maths today we have been focusing on Geometry and the 4 different angles we use in Geometry. We made a rocket using cubes and we then took photos of it putting them in the right boxes in our presentation. Look through my presentation to find out what else we learnt and the different angles too. 

Monday, 28 August 2017


1) draw a 2D representation of a 3D model) draw a plan for the side, front and top view of a 3D model

In today's maths class we started doing Geometry. Our task was to draw a 2D representation of a 3D rocket made out of cubes. A part of the task was to take pictures of the rocket from 3 different perspectives <Top, Front and side> views. In our groups we then grabbed our maths books and using the squares on the pages we drew our own rocket ship and what it would look like from different angles. 

Then using the cubes we made the 3D shapes that we drew on our pages.  Here is a photo of my groups work and what we did. I look forward to learning more about Geometry and keeping my blog undated with even more geometry. 

Team 5 speeches

WALT - We are reviewing how to produce a quality blog post and comments.

Last Friday team 5 was holding a speech day. Three students from every literacy class were picked to stand in front of all of team 5 and also the students from the Pavilion year 3 & 4's and deliver their speech. Me being a chosen student really isn't easy so here is what I thought about the experience. 

One of the speeches I found the most appealing was Amelia's, her speech stood out to me because of the subject and the different points she made. Her speech was about her Nana and the way she smiled even on the worst days like working as a janitor at her school, it was about knowing and finding out the reason behind her Nana smiling all the time even though cleaning toilets and floors isn't fun. She told us that the reason her Nana always had a smile on her face is because she loved seeing her grandchildren all the time. It wasn't about her job that made her so happy but the faces of her grandchildren and to me that is what a person to look up to sounds like. 

The most entertaining to me was Mubashshir's. A speech about being president for a day and what he would do to make the world a better place. I think this was the most entertaining because not only was subject something good to talk about but he also added in actions that I really thought were funny. Like throwing his hands in the air when his name was pulled out of a box, or like pointing to the audience when some words were announced. 

Something I would do to make my "How to look interested, when your not" speech even better is add more points and make sure that they're related to what most people do themselves when their in this situation. I would also work on my confidence and how to make myself stop laughing in between sentences or shaking. Last thing would be to memorise some of the lines more often rather then just staring down at cue cards. 

Overall I think all of the speeches that were said on the day and the people that were chosen all did a good job. I think I could've done better and I look forward to learning more about Oral language and using it in the future. 

Wednesday, 16 August 2017

GEGNZ Student Summit @ Ormiston junior college

Today the year 7 & 8 extension got the chance to attend a GEGNZ summit, at Ormiston Junior collge. Over 400 students came to show and participate in their own workshops.

We arrived half an hour early which means we got the opportunity to take a quick look around, when it was time we met in the auditorium. We were introduced to some people who made the day possible and we also talked about some of the house keeping rules and we were introduced to the "Young ocean explorers" father and daughter who explore all different reefs of the ocean searching for sealife they even have their own t.v show where they show different animals and tips on how to keep our ocean life safe. Our Senior extension group were split into 2 groups 1 group was set a task for one workshop to show students from other schools how we produce our own news network that is played around the whole school and to get them to participate in making their own news network. The other workshop was showing students how to create their own game using scratch code.

 The schools that weren't presenting had the choice to either visit other workshops or just set up their own for the up coming rotation. The first workshop our group went to was a robotic workshop. Teaching us all about how to code mini robots and about the makey makey device and also teaching us h
ow to play coding games using an iPad and mini blocks. In the end we were also lucky enough to take a photo with one of the teachers who recently moved from our school to ormiston Junior.

My groups rotation was the scratch game. We were in a crowded room so it was hard to hear what we were saying. We introduced the project scratch and then we presented while roaming around the room helping students with code and teaching them how to make their own game. There were heaps of errors like the sever not connecting or it being to slow and not being able to access the scratch sever. In the end only one game was almost completed all the rest either had their code messed up or just weren't completed.

Overall I think that this being my first time at the GEGNZ summit was a good first impression. The school itself gave us ideas about making our school a better place and also the different workshops about code, sealife and even creating our own characters.

Friday, 4 August 2017

I wonder

Ever wondered what it's like to be on the moon? Well with the terms topic being 'Guardians of the galaxy' our whole block has been figuring out some of the questions that have been on our mind about the moon, galaxy, sun and more. We've put our questions into presentations named 'I wonder'. The main point of the presentation was to help us get some ideas about what we want to animate this term, the questions we've asked will be turned into animations showing our answer and the understanding we've come to. Read my groups presentation to find out more about my ideas!

How to look interested when your not...

WALT: Identify the different places, speeches/talks that are given and how they are designed for delivery.

Let’s be honest we’ve all been that one person in class who doesn’t care or understand what the teachers talking about. Well here are some ways to look interested when your really not!

So the first thing you should do is act like you understand what their talking about. If you really don’t understand partner up with someone who does and when they tell you their ideas say you got the same answer. It will make them believe that you understand the subject and also make you look smart.

Second thing to do is raise your hand when the teacher asks questions. It is something to do at your own risk of being chosen but just hope that your teacher doesn’t choose you. If you do get picked and you don’t know the answer there's always that one student that will shout out the answer even though the teacher says not to. Use their answer but put it into your own words and make it sound like that was your idea the whole time.

The last thing to do would be to sit up close to the teacher, teachers usually pick the people at the back which are the noisy ones, the ones who don’t listen. When the teacher stares at you look at someone next to you and act like yous are sharing the same answer. If she continues to stare at you pretend to put your hand up and when she finally looks away put your hand down.

Friday, 28 July 2017

Space race

Here is my reading presentation for this week. The text that we were given was about the Space race, a competition between 2 people to see who could send the first satellite into orbit also to see who could be the first person to be put in space and on the moon. Read my presentation to see what I found out. 

Tuesday, 25 July 2017

Guardians of the Galaxy

What if you were a guardian of the galaxy? Protecting earth from asteroids and meteoroids. Studying and finding out facts about if aliens are real or if there is life on mars. Truth is no one knows, but this term Pt England school are learning about the Galaxy. Each team is studying a different part of the galaxy which we got to share with each other at this morning's Immersion assembly. Guardians of the galaxy, our terms topic. Here's what our school this term is all about!

Most informative - Team 4
At today's immersion assembly, the most informative item to me was Team 4. The reason I think this item gave the most information is because the short film they made showed the most detail and set a picture in my mind about what they were trying to make us understand. Their item was about earth and about how the world is slowly starting to die. 3 brave astronauts from team 4 traveled into outer space, each to visit one different planet to see if life could be found or not. All attempts failed but all of team 4 are focusing this term on learning about the Mars mission and also about survival on other planets.

Most entertaining - Team 5
The most entertaining item to me was Team 5. The reason I think this item was the most entertaining was because there was more movement then any other items. The item started off with all of  Team 5’s teachers standing on the stage with a musical instrument. When their item started Ms Judd started singing a song that Mr Wise Men had written himself using a Moana instrumental. It was a song all about space and the different planets.

Looking forward to this term?

I am looking forward to learning more about our topic and also about what and how space and the things in space help our world. All of the teachers decorated their rooms with stars or with rockets or with short facts so I am also looking forward to reading other students blog posts.

Saturday, 8 July 2017

Scratch Reflection

WALT:  Create a game on scratch 

This term in extension we were focusing on code, specifically Scratch code. Scratch is a website which allows you to make your own games using code blocks. Our extension group was split into groups of 2 or 3 our goal was to make a game with 3 levels in it. Each level getting harder we had to do everything ourselves. My partners were Presayus and Venetia. We all had something to do in the making of the game but most of the code was done by Presayus while me and Venetia stuck to drawing the backdrops and the sprites/characters. 

One of the highlights for this term would be learning more about code and learning about some blocks I didn't know how to use. Like using the X and Y to make the sprite move of even broadcasting to another level. 

There were a lot of challenges in the making of our game, learning was defiantly the hardest part about this. We didn't know what most of the blocks we used meant. I took time but finally we were able to complete 2 of our levels. Level 3 was the hardest level because we didn't know what to use as a backdrop and we also didn't know how to make the level more complicated. 

Image result for scratchLevel 1 is a simple maze that you have to get through without touching the outlines. Level 2 is a shooting level you have to shoot the enemies that are trying to kill you, if you are touched by one of the enemies you will start the game all over again but if you successfully return to the rocket you will move on to Level 3. For Level 3 all we had completed was a backdrop because of the amount of time we wasted! 

Overall I think i learnt a whole new variety of things to make on scratch but unfortunately our Scratch game is unplayable as somewhere in the coding we mucked up and we can't see the problem. Here are what our backdrops look like for each level! 

Level 1 
 Level 2
 Level 3

Thursday, 22 June 2017

Inquiry Diary

In inquiry today we finished of working on floor planner, we made a design on a girls toilet that we would like near our block to stop us from having to walk far distances just to go to the toilet. We designed it using the app floor planner, we had to measure the height and width of the area we want the toilets to go. In our group we are currently working on painting the box to make it more sturdy. 

I think overall we've been working as a team who uses time wisely. In our group we share our opinions so that when we share and show the class our finishing product we can all say we worked equally to get our project done. Here on the right is our completed floor planner design. 

Wednesday, 14 June 2017

Maths Recap

Sweet as poetry

Here is my reading presentation for this week, our focus was on poems. We learnt new words and we also learnt how to understand what the poems actually meant. Something to work on would be using time wisely on shorter weeks. Read my presentation to find out what else I learnt. 


This week for maths we've been focusing on Hundredths, we have been learning how to order them from smallest to largest also we've been learning about decimal words. Something I think I need to focus on is the houses in decimals. Here is my maths presentation. 

Monday, 12 June 2017

Plays and Poetry

Here is my reading presentation for last week. Last week was a short week as we only had 1 session for reading. We learnt about plays and poetry, comic strips and dialogues. Read my presentation to find out what else I learnt.  

Friday, 9 June 2017

Diary entry ll Inquiry

Today myself, Javan and Talita started planning our Inquiry modelling project which we call the "magical bathroom model". During this time we've been finding out about the prices and costs for the materials. Also we've been deciding where to put the toilets and showers. We have started the making of our model and we each had a job to do. 

Talita started gathering information about how much money it would cost and me and Javan went around the block taking photos of where we thought the bathrooms should go. Here is where we decided to put the bathrooms. This is all our group had finished I think overall our group worked well together as a team.

Thursday, 8 June 2017

Early Finishers

Here is my early finishers work for this week, I learnt how to divide numbers to a decimal and also how to multiply. I also learnt more about the mean, mode, median and the range. Here is my completed presentation 

Data Usage

Here is my maths presentation for this week, we learnt about probability. We also learnt about the mean, median, range and the mode. 

Friday, 2 June 2017

Home learning

This presentation is our home learning for and has been for the past 2 weeks, one of the things I learnt is that I need to spent more time on math whizz because at school we are sometimes hardly on. At home my goal is to spend at least 30 minutes a day. Here is my presentation. 

Biogas in Nz and India

Here is my reading presentation for this week. In this presentation we learnt about how to different countries (New Zealand & India) reuse waste to create Methane gas also about how they use this gas to cook with. Read my presentation to find out what I learnt. 

Complex Sentences

Here is my complex sentences presentation. In this presentation we learnt about independent clauses (complete thought) and also dependent clauses (incomplete thought) too. We had to highlight the differences red and blue and here is what I came up with, read my presentation to find out what else I learnt. 

Wednesday, 31 May 2017

Key Competency - Managing Self ll Probability

Talofa Bloggers

Today our class is focusing on our Key Competencies. Our aim was to stay on task and see how much progress we make for maths in one maths block. This should set the standard for how much work we complete each time we have numeracy.

Our two learning intentions were:
WALT: 1. Show how much progress we can make in one maths session
2. Articulate what we are learning about.

I completed my whole presentation within this maths block, something that helped what moving away from friends that distract you or even things that do too. What I learnt is that time can go way more quickly then you think so using your time wisely is something I will continue to do..

Here is my maths work...

62 MOONS around 1 planet?

In Extension today we did some research about NASA and planets, I chose to research about Saturn and all its 62 confirmed moons. Here is what I learnt and some facts about the planet Saturn. Read this to find out what I learnt. 

Monday, 22 May 2017

Making clever clothes l Keeping houses warm or cool

Here is my reading presentation for last week, I had finished it but hadn't posted it on my blog but here it is. In this presentation we had to texts the first being "Making clever clothes" (about Stewart Collie and his job as a technologist) and the second "Keeping houses warm or cool" (about what and how different countries were insulating their houses. 

Monday, 15 May 2017


Here is my Statistics maths work for this week, We had to learn new Statistics Vocabulary that would help us in this presentation like Mode, Median and range. We also learnt how to use a Stem and Leaf, Read my presentation to find our what I learnt 

Friday, 12 May 2017

Statistical Literacy

Here is my Statistical Literacy maths learning for this week, for maths this week we learnt how to solve maths problems with words in them and how to read a Pie Graph and a Bar Graph. We learnt also how to make these Graphs we had word problems that we had to solve making our own graphs and here is my presentation., 

Heat Transfer Diagram

Here is my diagram that shows how heat from the body can transfer from one thing to another, it shows 5 different way that you transfer heat probably in your every day life. 

Tuesday, 9 May 2017

Staying Warm ll Keeping Cool

Here is my reading presentation for last week. Me and my group found this presentation a bit hard as finding information in the text. In the text we had to find out about sea animals and humans that transfer heat. Here is my presentation 

Monday, 8 May 2017

Maths Grid

When maths starts we usually do a 10 minute warm up, Maths grid. A 12 by 12 time table that's helps us with all our timetables from 1 - 12. We write our numbers down and Mrs Ilaoa starts the timer when you have completed the Maths Grid you say "time" and you will be given a number. Today the time I got was 5:49 (5 minutes and 49 seconds. 

We do this almost every maths lesson in hope of beating your previous score!

Tuesday, 11 April 2017

Multi Text ll Water Worn ll Making Driftwood furniture ll Coral Reefs ll

Here is my presentation that I had to finish for this week, Inside are multiple stories the first is Water worn a story about a class experiment that took one teacher by surprise. The second text Making driftwood furniture was about Ian a man who dedicated his life to making driftwood furniture using strong wood from off the beach and the last story Coral reefs, a story about how Coral reefs are an endangered species. 

A fun weekend

Walt: use the title, introduction, information and conclusion structure.

What's your idea of a fun weekend? In Auckland we have loads of things to do spending time with the family, going out to the beach or even having sleepovers with your friends. Here's some of the things I do during a Fun weekend. 

One idea is to have a big breakfast obviously after you've slept in. It could be bacon and eggs, pancakes, yogurt anything really it's your choice. You could even cook a big breakfast for the family. Breakfast in the weekend is much more better because you don't have to rush around finding something to eat, you can just wake up whenever you want and take your time when making something to eat. 

Another idea is to was to have a sleepover with your friends, you can build forts, watch movies
and the best thing is you can talk for as long as you want and go sleep late at night or early in the morning. The best thing is probably getting snacks when you have sleepovers usually your parents are kinder than normal so they offer to buy snacks so if that's your parent consider yourself lucky.

I hope now you have some ideas of what to do in the weekends to make it a fun weekend, So what would you do to make your weekend fun?


Here is my writing about a fun weekend, it gives you an idea of what you can do in the weekends. Read my writing to find out some of the things you can do to make your weekend fun. 

Monday, 10 April 2017

Water Worn ll Making Driftwood furniture ll Coral reefs

In this presentation is work from last week and this week, room 3's literacy class have been finishing off our work properly for 2 weeks now and this is what we have been learning. We have three different texts, first text was Water worn second text was Making Driftwood furniture and the third one is Coral reefs. All three texts were used in this presentation and we had to answer questions about the different texts. 

Thursday, 6 April 2017

Fractions ll 2017

This is a Fractions presentation, for the past 2 weeks room 5 maths have been focusing on fractions. So in this presentation we had to see which fractions were greater than, less than or if they were equal. Heres what my answers were. 

Fraction Word Problems ll 2017

This week for maths we had to finish this Fraction word problems presentation. In this presentation are word problems like if __ is 1/6 then how many are altogether. I worked some of these problems out with my group and here is what I came up with. 

Wednesday, 5 April 2017

Hidden Figures ll 2017

On Wednesday the 8th of March the yr 7 and 8 extension group got the chance to go on a trip to watch the movie Hidden Figures. It's a 2 hour movie about three African/American ladies who served in NASA to help with the launch of an astronaut and putting them into orbit. Before this trip I had already watched this although my favourite part about this trip was that we were allowed to bring as much food as we wanted. This movie helped me to realise that achieving your goals can be hard but it can be done. Here is a small clip with photos and short videos from our trip. 


Tuesday, 28 March 2017

Writing RESULTS!

Talofa Lava and welcome to my blog! Recently we sit a writing test and today we got the chance to see our results. Here are the results and from the marks I've received I think I did good. We were marked by our Ideas, structure, organisation, vocabulary, sentence, punctuation and spelling. As you can see the 3 elements I've had trouble with were Ideas, structure and sentences but however I hope I will have improved by the end of the year!