Wednesday, 1 November 2017

Our own band!

Last term for extension we were focusing on using Makey makey kits and scratch where we learnt how to code our own instruments using conductive tape and wiring. There were 3 different projects one a “game show” two a “controller” for people with disabilities and the last a “band”.  I was put into a group of 3 with Venetia and Cameo. Our project was to make a band with an instrument each which we had to code to actually play notes.

During the process we had to experiment using materials that could help us convert code from scratch to our instruments using tin foil or conductive tape. I chose to make a piano because I thought it would be an easy task. It actually wasn’t easy but I did manage to finish my piano. I used cardboard to make the actual keyboard and I used cut up pieces of cardboard that I covered in conductive tape so that when I connected the makey makey to my piano it played the notes that I coded on scratch.

Overall my piano was the only completed instrument in my group but I think a whole team effort was put into making my one instrument. This task set me a challenge that I think I completed which was to finish a project using my own skills and not depending on my group to do it for me. It was a great experience and I also enjoyed working together with my group.

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