Tuesday, 17 October 2017

LAST Immersion assembly for 2017

It’s Term 4, the last term for all the year 8 students and school just started up again today. Walking through the red school gates I noticed all the teachers wearing really bright clothes. I remembered that we had Immersion assembly this morning, something to look forward to. Here are my thoughts about my last Immersion assembly at Pt England School.

I found team 5’s item the most entertaining because of the sense of humour that all the teachers were putting into their items. Even the way the characters were grouped as a family. Also because if the facial expressions they showed everytime the song changed. Everytime they changed songs they would also change the way they felt, their emotions and I found it funny the way they did change. One last thing was the popcorn throwing, there was popcorn everywhere and for a little they even threw it at each other.

The most informative was team 3’s item because they played a movie showing an example of what they were specifically doing this term. A movie showing how to tell stories using songs, I found the movie interesting and funny too. It definitely is a smart way to show the focus of the terms topic.

This was my last time watching our schools immersion assembly, I am a year 8 and my time at Pt England has almost come to an end. Something i’m looking forward to the most is just seeing our school making music, music videos or even instruments and spending the term with my friends and teachers before I go to college.

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