Monday, 11 December 2017

Reflection for 2017

reflection for 2017 

Being a student at Pt England School for 8 years now really taught me a lot. Now that my time here has almost come to an end I've learnt and been taught different things. 

One thing i'm most proud of was just finishing school off and getting to the end. When I started school I was really slack and I slept in classes too, I hardly came to school to start off with and if I did I would probably arrive after morning tea. So just me finishing school off as 3rd = Academic in year 8 is something i'm really proud of. 

An important lesson I've learnt is "Achieve your personal best"! What it means to me is carrying on with work or goals in college even when your friends or others are telling you to stop. It means focusing when your friends are playing games or it means keep playing even if the score isn't what you wanted. It basically means carrying on even when you feel like you really can't. 

I hope next year my attitude towards teachers change. I hope to stop taking reading and maths lessons for granted and trying to get out of class. Me being in intermediate I usually found every excuse to get out of class or if teachers were watching I'd do my work but as soon as they turned their back I was probably talking away. So I hope next year this all changes. 

I know college isn't easy but when times get rough I'll always remember the saying "Never give up"! It means a lot to me because it was here ever since I started primary, so me taking it to college makes me think I can achieve more even when I think I can't. 

Overall my time at Pt England has been a great experience. I've had ups and downs with students and teachers but I'm thankful for everyone that has helped me get through it all. Including some of my closest friends Lani, Suli, Rose, Venetia, Lia and heaps more. One of the teachers that has helped me the most is Mrs Tele'a, shes helped me get on with work and focus when I needed too and she believes that all of her students had potential. Lastly I have my family, who have and always will be right by my side to talk whenever I need. I wish the best for all the year 8's moving to college and for the year 7's who are next to lead the school!  

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