Saturday, 8 July 2017

Scratch Reflection

WALT:  Create a game on scratch 

This term in extension we were focusing on code, specifically Scratch code. Scratch is a website which allows you to make your own games using code blocks. Our extension group was split into groups of 2 or 3 our goal was to make a game with 3 levels in it. Each level getting harder we had to do everything ourselves. My partners were Presayus and Venetia. We all had something to do in the making of the game but most of the code was done by Presayus while me and Venetia stuck to drawing the backdrops and the sprites/characters. 

One of the highlights for this term would be learning more about code and learning about some blocks I didn't know how to use. Like using the X and Y to make the sprite move of even broadcasting to another level. 

There were a lot of challenges in the making of our game, learning was defiantly the hardest part about this. We didn't know what most of the blocks we used meant. I took time but finally we were able to complete 2 of our levels. Level 3 was the hardest level because we didn't know what to use as a backdrop and we also didn't know how to make the level more complicated. 

Image result for scratchLevel 1 is a simple maze that you have to get through without touching the outlines. Level 2 is a shooting level you have to shoot the enemies that are trying to kill you, if you are touched by one of the enemies you will start the game all over again but if you successfully return to the rocket you will move on to Level 3. For Level 3 all we had completed was a backdrop because of the amount of time we wasted! 

Overall I think i learnt a whole new variety of things to make on scratch but unfortunately our Scratch game is unplayable as somewhere in the coding we mucked up and we can't see the problem. Here are what our backdrops look like for each level! 

Level 1 
 Level 2
 Level 3

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