Friday, 6 March 2015

The Newspaper Challenge

WALT: Write a detailed introduction with hook and orientation.

Well this morning I thought it was just going to be a normal day then all of a sudden my teacher Mr Goodwin tells us to put our net books away. I was confused weren't we supposed to be doing our writing? Find out by reading along what happened.

So I finally found out what we were doing, we were having a newspaper challenge I was excited. Our literacy teacher handed out our materials like masking tape, scissors, and newspaper but the hard thing was that we only had 8 minutes to build a tall tower out of newspaper I thought it would be impossible. If we won the challenge we would get a prize and you had to only be in a group of 5.

The 8 minutes had started and I was startled in fact our whole team was our team all helped out we were sticking things together, cutting things and obviously making things. During the 8 minutes my team was feeling really good then all of a sudden our teacher calls out 3 minutes left, we were putting the finishing touches together it looked pretty good but were we safe. There were only ⅖ teams that had actually finished my team (Team Talita) and (Team Rosalina) our teacher came over to Rosalina’s team first I thought our team had lost their measurements came out at 57.5 and then it was our turn our came out at 58 we had won.

When our team won I was surprised and happy, our team had won. I actually learnt something it was that teamwork can be the easiest solution to making someone else happy. It was a good feeling knowing that we won as a team.

Task description: This is my recount about the newspaper challenge My task was to write a recount about the newspaper challenge we had in class, with detail and orientation. I learnt that teamwork can unlock anything and anywhere.

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