Thursday, 19 March 2015

Auckland Maritime Museum

The year 5,6,7 and 8 extension got the opportunity to visit the Auckland Maritime Museum. We were going there to meet the Malama Honua Worldwide voyage (Meaning: To care for our Earth) and also to find out about their boat that they travel on the Hikianalia. 

When we arrived at the Museum we met out instructors. Straight away when we walked inside we saw artwork from famous artists. There were three main activities that we had to participate in. The first was the peace flag activity. It is when you draw pictures of what the things on earth you care about.We also had to write messages of support and hope all the messages would be sewn together to be made into a quilt. The messages would be sent to different countries around the world. 

The second activity was to do with the Hikianalia. We got to have a tour around to find out how they live in a waka. First we had to be numbered off. Then put into groups. We saw how they slept and where they slept, also got to have a tour around to see how they cooked and where they went to the toilet. The most fun part was seeing all their devices they keep in the captains room and talking about it.That I had to say was the best activity out of all the three.

The third and last activity was learning how to use a star compass. What was really cool about it was the fact that our instructor was one of the 1 of 4 people in the WORLD to know and learn how to use a star compass without any technology on a waka. His name is Kalepa Baybayan. He taught us all the names of the star compass and what they meant. 

In the end we said our goodbyes and Iisa one of the members in our extension group said a speech to our instructors to say thank you. Finally we got to eat our lunch. Then we had another tour around the Museum to see all of the boats that had traveled all around the world. Then we got to walk down to the Silo Park. 

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