Saturday, 4 July 2015

Are the school holidays fun?

WALT: Draw pictures to tell my story

This picture is about me thinking about what's going to happen in the holidays. As you can see im dreaming and you can tell because im in bed and there's a cloud. 

The meaning behind this picture is obviously about me thinking. Thinking about what you ask? Well im thinking about the school holidays. When I heard that the school holidays were coming up I was really exited. Then I started to realise that this would mean I would be separated from my friends. :( For some people that's good news but some that can be hard news, for me it was 50/50. Reason being because YAY we get 2 whole weeks off school just relaxing and no we don't get to see our friends till school starts up again. 

What do you think about it?
Comment down below what you think Are the holidays FUN or BoringZZ

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