Thursday, 13 February 2014

Yvonne-Brand New Netbooks

   Guess what?On Friday the 7th some of the students in class 10 got     there chromebooks. When we got in the hall we had to sit on red chairs  until we were ready to our boxes. Later on we had to stand next to tables and get ready to open our boxes. But not yet.

Mrs Burt was talking about how to take care of our chromebook. She reported to not put it on the corner of the table, put your charger straight. When she was finished talking she told us how to get it out of the box. Also how to turn it on.

When we stood next to the tables. We were allowed to open our boxes and put it out on the table with the charger. Afterwards we had to put the boxes under the table so that we had more space.

Mrs Burt helped us with the chromebooks at the end of the day. When we were finished and Mrs Burt said we can take our chromebooks to class but to remember to put it in a safe place. We came into class we got to play around with it for a little while. When we were finished playing around we had to put it in the cupboard.

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