Friday, 28 February 2014

Hi my name is Yvonne i’m going to be telling you about how to become a good friend. A good friend is someone who always has your back and they are always there for you. If your friend was feeling sad you should go to help them and say polite things to them.

You have to look after your friend and always help them as they help you. Like I said if he or she is not feeling well or there feeling a bit sad or they have no friends to play with you should go and play with them and make them feel like royalty. Make them feel special. And always have their back.

When you know what to do after you’ve learnt what to do for a good friend teach it to other people so more and more people can feel like there being served by a royal slave. Share it to others. And make them feel happy too.

So thats how you meet a cool and awesome friend. Remember to help them and care for them whenever their feeling down. And always look out for them.

Soon that person might become your best friend forever.
So always make new friends. And forever cherish it.

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