Thursday, 24 July 2014


In the holidays we went to Jump.  It is a indoor trampoline place where  you can jump all you want.  I went there with all my sisters and my brother.  We had to book an online time for over 10 people so we had to do six o’ clock. So we had to be ready by five thirty.  When it was time we had to meet up with each other  before we went in.

First we needed to show the receptionist the booking ticket.  Then she would put  a coloured wrist band on your left hand to show that you paid.  She also gave us special jump socks to jump with also to show that you paid too.

When we got inside we had to wait until it was our turn to go in. They had five more minutes and then it was our turn to go in.  Me and my family ran to the dodgeball court.

We stayed there until our time was up. It was so fun. But unfortunately we only had five more minutes. I was sad that we had that much time left. Our time was up and we had to go back home.

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