Tuesday, 25 November 2014

The Art Gallery

Yaay I shouted! Last Friday me and my class went to the art gallery. Or topic this year is Art Attack. So my guess was that we went to be inspired by people’s art from all around the world because of our topic. Also that we can get idea’s from famous paintings to create our own

Heading on the bus
P1: As we were heading to the bus I felt like it was a dream. That was because I love art. I've always dreamed about being an artist myself. Going to the art gallery made me happy because I would get to see different types of art that would inspire me.

Getting our seats
P2: As everyone kept moving to get to their seat on the bus I got a seat opposite the door. Everyone got their seat and all the parent helpers grabbed a seat to we were all settled and as we all we ready to leave we told the bus driver. I felt the bus move and off we went. “Yaay” we all screamed. We all waved goodbye to random people passing by the bus.

Art Gallery Time
P3: Once we were at the art gallery we had to sit in our group lines and wait until the spinning doors in front of us started moving. Our session started at Ten o'clock (10:00). Tik Tok Tik Tok we all heard the loud bell go exactly a Ten o'clock that’s when we knew that it was time to head inside with our groups we were sitting in.
To be continued...

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