Wednesday, 4 February 2015

My Holiday Highlight

WALT: Add a lot of detail in our writing.

A nice sunny day, the smell of fresh food. Can you guess where i’m going? If you guessed Happy Days you are correct. This is how my family decided to go Happy Days.

Why we went Happy Days
Near the end of the holidays my family was celebrating a really exciting time for my Nana’s niece. She was getting married. So  their family arranged a booking for us to go to Happy Days. I don’t want to bore you so i’m going to just skip the part of when we were on our way there. So we arrived at Happy Days ready to eat.  The bride and groom was there and their family too.

Eating Time
The Bride and Groom went to get their food first.  I just couldn’t wait to get my food. The smell of the freshly baked ham and potatoes also the smooth looking gravy. The taste of the gravy melting in your mouth together with the ham Yum Yum. After eating that I was stuffed  I didn’t feel like eating anything more.

We left Happy Days and I was so tired that I feel asleep in the car. Then when I woke up we just arrived at home. I went straight to sleepZzz.

Our task was to write a recount about our holiday highlight with a lot of details.

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