Wednesday, 2 December 2015

Camp Benzton Year 6 Camp

WALT: Summarise a week long experience into a recount.  
------------------------------------------------------Home, Finally home. A long week of exercise, eating with a fork and knife and big spiders. Ahh I’m exhausted. What I experienced at the year 6 school camp, You would never in a million YEARS expect to happen. Really I mean Really!

Energetically with loud voices we shouted. Ara toku tu enganuru nei, the Year 6’s pulled up in the Ferry we all sang our school haka. As we got closer and closer to the Kawau Island Camp Benzton's Wharf we all tiredly ended the haka with a round of applause. Racing to the ferry’s door we all hurried wanting to get out first. Lining Up beside the door, taking deep breaths thinking Can I do this?

We settled in and got our beds ready. After a while we got to have free time, lunch and then more free time and finally dinner. We then went to sleep. The next morning we we for our fitness run and then we had breakfast. Our rotations then started. Kayaking was one of my favourite activities. We got to kayak under three wharfs to stingray bay. Unfortunately we didn’t see any. With annoyance we had to kayak all the way back without seeing stingrays and I must say that my hands got really tired. I arrived first at the beach and that was the good thing.

My next favourite activity was the Confident course. As a leader I got to see my team work hard and try their best to accomplish the activities. There were sometimes when my team felt like they couldn’t do it anymore but they tried their best and achieved their goals. This was an activity that influenced my team to try their best at what they were doing.  Why this was one of my favourite activities was because we were Mr Jacobsen’s 100th team to do the confident course with him.

The year 6 camp was inspiring and fun. I enjoyed every single moment of the camp with my team. All the teachers and parent helpers did a great job it just wouldn't be the same without them. Camp was awesome and I didn’t really want to come back to Glen Innes. I’m home and all I can say is that Camp Bentzon was fun and to all the year sixes going in the future to just have a great time and enjoy the time on the island while you can.

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