Thursday, 24 March 2016

What is Easter?

Chocolate filled eggs, painted egg shells and egg hunts with my family. Easter means more to me than just chocolate and eggs. It means a celebration of remembrance  for the resurrection of Jesus our saviour.

Celebrating Easter with my family isn't only about having fun playing Easter egg hunting games or even eating chocolate. What Easter really is to me is a Christian holiday celebrating the resurrection of Jesus Christ and his promise of eternal life, also known as a holy week.  We've studied Easter at my church several times, every year actually and  that’s where  I learnt about what Easter really was about. I remember thinking Easter meant taking days off school and just relaxing at home but not quite.

Reading the bible and finding out about the  resurrection wasn't easy, reading about people who did bad things and who had to get punished for committing crimes, or reading about people who were punished for crimes they didn’t commit. I didn’t think I would understand why people were so cruel but now I know. People were forced to do bad things for money they needed to help their family or even to protect their family from people who wanted to hurt them.

So Easter was the day that Jesus took his own life to pay for others sins. He was nailed into a big cross and a crown of thorns was placed on his head, blood dripped down and people watched as Jesus hung there slowly starting to die. He was then saved by a man named Joseph and taken to a tomb where he laid still for a couple of days. Checking and checking one day Joseph noticed that the tomb was open and Jesus was gone. He had risen from the dead and had saved everyone from their sins.

Task: For this task our class had to write about what Easter meant to me and my family, this is what Easter means to me and tells my audience what my family does on Easter day to celebrate Easter. Enjoy reading my story.

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