Friday, 21 March 2014

Camp Writting-2014

Guess what I did last week? Last week the year five and six student’s  went to camp at school. I had to pack our things and put next to our tent. We had  camp groups called the Care Squad the Care rings, CareTakers, Care Bears, All stars and lucky last Manaaki I was in the All stars.

My second group activity was the camp cooking. All the girls in the All stars were baking tasty cookies. And we had to get into groups and work together. The only thing we had to measure  was the butter to put in or they wouldn't taste well. When we finished we had to be careful because the oven was really hot.

Our third camp activity was Table tennis,Basketball and Rollerblading. It was difficult to balance but I got it eventually. I also played on the Ping Pong table with my friends and was  had fun. Everyone really enjoyed it. I was speeding.

The next morning after we had breakfast we had to get into our togs. We were going kayaking. We had to wear life vests.   Me and the rest of my team had to walk down to the Pt England reserve  and wait for Mr Burt . He told us that the safest way to get into the kayakwas to put your foot bum foot. When we were done we came back to school and we were eating American hot dogs.

I really enjoyed camp and I’m looking forward to next years camp. I enjoyed sleeping in the tents, camp cooking and definitely kayaking those things would totally be the three things I enjoyed the most. I hope that next time we get a bigger tent to sleep in.

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