Friday, 11 April 2014

What does Fiafia mean to you?

What does  fiafia means to you?- Introduction
What does Fiafia mean to you? There are different meanings for fiafia. In Samoa and  Tonga it means happy. And in New Zealand it means getting together and celebrating things about you culture.  I think that the key competency that applies to fiafia is Participating and Contributing.

Our fiafia and my group-
Fiafia goes on for every two years, and in one of those years we have an production. Pt England schools fiafia started in the nineties. Other groups that are performing at fiafia are the Samoan group, Tongan group,  Cook Island and the group that I am in is Hip hop our tutors names are Mrs Thompson, and Miss Trimble.  We are doing Skrillex songs Jason derulo songs and One direction songs. Hip hop is all about expressing yourself  through different movements.

Key competencies-
The two Key Competencies i think relate to fiafia are Relating to others   and  Participating and contributing.  Because  Relating to others is when you go to your groups and get to know each other.   And your  joining in when you do your dance .     

Now you know what fiafia means to me.   I am really looking forward to the next fiafia.

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