Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Pohutukawa- Reading

1.   Who is the pohutukawa important to?
Animals and people

2. Why do people think of it as the New Zealand Christmas tree?
Because the red flowers usually bloom on december.

3.  What makes the pohutukawa special?
The tree is important for people and animals that have no where to live because it gives them shelter.

4. How does the pohutukawa grow?
The warm places help them to grow and they prefer to live in place where the ground is sandy.

5. Explain what nectar is.
Nectar is the yellow things in the middle of a flower that the honey bees and birds really love to  eat.

6. How have pohutukawa trees been used in the past?
Hundreds of years ago, there were many large forests with pohutukawa in it. And settlers from Europe, Who came to live in New Zealand, Cut down the trees to use it for shipbuilding.

7. What is project crimson and why do you think it was named this?
It is when thousands of trees get planted so that Pohutukawa and Rata don’t disappear. It is called Project Crimson because it is a project which help the trees.

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