Thursday, 8 May 2014

Holiday Highlight Yvonne

In the school holidays I went bowling with my family. We waited until everyone arrived and then we payed the man at the counter to play one game. Then we wrote all the people that were playing down on a  paper and handed it back into the man. He put it up on the screen and then we started.

2nd Paragraph

First my oldest sister bowled when she chucked the ball. It made a loud sound that sounded like a bowl had smashed to the ground. But she knocked all of the pins over so that was lucky. Then my other sister rolled the ball and she got a strike as well.  

3rd Paragraph
I waited  until  it was my turn but it wasn’t my turn until the last person finished.  So I said to my mum “Can I have a token to play in the arcade” she said yes but you have to wait until your turn has finished”.  “Ok” I said.  Then I just waited until it was my turn.

4th Paragraph

When it was my turn to bowl I had to look for the right kind of bowling ball that  had the number nine on it. Because that it my age and it  was the right kind of ball for me. When I rolled the ball I only rolled over two pins but I felt really good because I got to have a go. When all the turns were over then we played in the arcade and we played pool table.  And when I was tired I said to my mum “Can we go home now?”.  And we left we went home watched T.V and went to sleep.


  1. Wow that was a great story about your holiday keep it up

  2. Hi Yvonne

    It sounds that you had an awesome holiday!! I am happy to hear that you had fun.

    From Adriel


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