Monday, 10 August 2015

Becoming a bank teller

To whom it may concern,

(Bank teller)

Dear teachers,

The reason i’m applying for this job is because I can be a trustworthy person towards telling the truth. I'm also very good at adding and subtracting from out of your bank.

I want this job real bad because it would give me a good chance to learn more maths with adding and subtracting with decimals. I'm also very organised at working with others even with boys. So PICK ME!
PS: Just remember I did warn you and if you don’t well your making a big mistake.

Yours Sincerely,

Letter of reference ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

My child vonne is a very trustworthy person she can be a very responsible person at times and she does really concentrate on her work. She can be trusted to be on time and to be available every day when needed.

I believe my daughter should be a bank teller because she can do very good at adding and subtracting Pts and pieces. She can also be trusted when told to do things. She has an awesome personality and she is never sassy.   

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