Tuesday, 18 August 2015

Best yet chocolate made by Whittaker's

WALT: Use language that paints a picture in the mind of our reader.
I love the Whittaker's L&P chocolate so much that if I could eat in my sleep I would definitely eat this.

The Whittaker’s L&P chocolate is made with little popping candy like crystals that are coloured and flavoured as L&P. The crystals are mixed with very fine white chocolate made by Whittaker’s and shaped as ordinary chocolate but has an indent with the chocolate label Whittaker’s. They are king sized and can be brought from Count down and Pak’n Save for only 4:30.

Just one glimpse at the Whittaker’s L&P chocolate and it already caught my eye. The look of the white smooth chocolate and the shiny L&P sugar crystals shining through the chocolate like the sun on the blue ocean sea. One sniff and I could already smell the L&P flavour drifting up my nose making my mouth water like a baby that dribbles everyday. Peeling the wrapper off, I just couldn't wait to take a big bite. Breaking off a piece, just touching the chocolate I already knew that it was going to be good. A little tiny nibble and it felt as if a grenade of delightful tastes had just exploded in my mouth.

One thing that could have improved this chocolate was that there was more L&P flavour than the actual white chocolate. All you can taste is L&P with a pince of the chocolate it does still give flavour but not enough for me. I think that the L&P flavour took over the whole chocolate but it was still delicious. I think that this is the best chocolate yet for Whittaker’s.

Overall I think that this L&P Whittaker’s chocolate is fantastic. I would recommend this chocolate to any chocolate Whittaker’s lover, because it gives a good taste and you can tell even from not looking at the brand you can tell that it is a Whittaker’s chocolate.

    I rated this chocolate a 5/5 because it tastes delicious and there's absolutely nothing wrong with it.  
Task: This week for reading we are focusing on tasting observations. We were each given a number from 1-3. Each number represent a chocolate that we were given to complete a taste observation chart. For example: I got give number 2 and that number represented the Whittaker's L&P chocolate. Number 1 represented  the marvellous creations chocolate and number 3 represent the Jaffar cad bury chocolate. We didn't get to know what the chocolate was  until we filled out the taste observation chart. Then we got to see the packet and what flavour it was. Hope you enjoy.

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