Thursday, 9 June 2016

Little Anais - Narrative Writing

This is a story about Little Anais and about how one day changed her entire life. She was short and had blue eyes that always caught people's attention. She had a brother the had been born premature and Happily skipping through the street was little blue eyed Anais, not a sound to be heard nor a movement to be seen.

She had woken up early this morning and it was for a good reason. While skipping through the street Anais caught the attention of vintage looking mirror that looked exactly like the mirror her grandmother owned. It was white and had glass roses on it with a white lace that hung over the mirror when un pegged. Sure that it was exactly the same Anais ran to the store door. Tiptoeing a bit she quickly turned the knob and within seconds the door was open. A loud creaking sound filled the room and then with silence Anais walked slowly towards the mirror.

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  1. Hi Yvonne,my name is Henrietta Latu I go to a catholic school named Saint Pius X. I really love the way how you put a lot of details about a very good story. I really love the way how you described what happened in the story.
    Next time I will like to see more specific words.



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