Wednesday, 24 August 2016

Sammy Jay

This is a narrative I wrote myself about a boy named Sammy Jay, he competed in the men's gymnastics for the Olympics. Find out about Sammy and the trouble he went through while competing. This is my presentation and if you don't want to read the presentation I have written it down below.  

Training! The Olympics was starting in one day. Sleeping was all Sammy could think of. Sammy was from France and he competed in the men’s Gymnastics competition. He’d been training for four years for this moment and he was sure to receive a medal. He only ever ate vegetables and rice this kept him thin and healthy. Gymnastics was one of Sammy’s personal hobbies. When he was bored he would always think of Gymnastics it kept him happy for most of the time. Sammy was on a plane on his way to Rio he was nervous as this was his first time on a plane.

Sammy arrived in Rio at 10 o’clock at night. He managed to get some rest in the 3 hour plane trip to Rio. As soon as he got to Rio he trained and trained and trained all night until his feet couldn’t handle it. When Sammy finished training he left to his hotel and waited until the morning came. Sammy was exited. He checked the list for the competitors and found that he was last. Sammy was in relief. He trained and trained all day non stop hoping that this would make his chance of winning the gold medal bigger. He was done training so he walked out of the practice room and sat near all the other contestants.

Sammy started to feel butterflies in his stomach as he watched all the other contestants. He was just about to go grab his water bottle when he heard over the speaker “ Sammy  please report to the starting position”. Waiting there the butterflies got worse a timer went up and in 3 seconds Sammy had to start. Three, two, one Sammy jumped and while in the air slipped his arm twisted and he fell to the ground. Sammy landed on his arm and was is a lot of pain. Everyone gathered around Sammy and watched as he layed there on the floor. Everyone watched as the paramedics rushed to Sammy.

Sammy got up and continued. The crowd watched in shock as Sammy stood up to take another flip. He knew that if he failed this jump it would make him look like a complete failure. Silence filled  the crowd as Sammy walked to the beam. He waited till the timer went off and when it did Sammy triple flipped in the air and with perfect timing he landed. He smiled and everyone in the crowd shouted and cheered. After the competition Sammy was rewarded with a medal for being brave.  He was grateful and cherished his reward hoping that next time he would earn the gold medal.

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