Wednesday, 22 April 2015

2015 Immersion Assembly

WALT: Use different types of sentences to improve writing.

Have you ever seen your teacher dressed up as a superhero?  Today was the first day of Term 2, and we had what's called our Immersion assembly. Our topic is Tinkering, tools & toys.  

As soon as the bell went class 6,7 and 8 rushed into our lines and we quickly walked to the hall. As I sat down into the hall straight away I smelt the smell of freshly baked pike-lets. That was weird. When we were sitting  down we saw a small drone helicopter. The cool thing is that it was being controlled by a phone using Bluetooth it was  in the air, it was taking photos of us. One of the prefects gave me a pike let, but we were only given them if we were sitting up.

As soon as everyone had sat down Mr Burt  welcomed us back to school and he started to talk about our topic, Tinkering, tools and toys. One of my favourite items was Team 1. They were talking about being healthy and having a healthy body. The Team one teaches played a movie about healthy food. Then they started handing out sandwiches, carrots and celery.  I was given one and it tasted delicious.

One of my other favourite items was Team 5. Their item showed what they were going to try accomplish this year in the senior block. I really liked the part when they were stomping their feet like soldiers in the army. I also liked the part when each of the teachers had to step up and say what they were going to try get their students to achieve this year.  They really did sound like soldiers.

Fun, amazing, cool this was of of the best Immersion assembly’s that I've ever been to all my life being at Pt England school. I am really looking forward to this year.  I can’t wait to find out what what we'll be doing  this year.

Task Description: Our task was to write a recount about our Immersion assembly on Monday. We had to write an introduction with only using a simple sentence, a complex sentence and a question.

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