Friday, 26 June 2015

Super Mario explaining!

WALT: Write effective paragraphs 

Oh no I've just been attacked by an enemy. My first game and it has already got my attention and if you guessed the game Super Mario World you're correct. It is a side scrolling game that is really popular.

The aim of the game is to basically beat the levels but it can be difficult sometimes. You have to collect stars that are put into each level it may seem easy but the catch is that they are protected by an enemy that looks like a red small tomato but it is really a little evil devil. There are little mystery boxes that make you have to jump and collect mushrooms and other supplies, they help you get an advantage.

Image result for super marioThe main character of this game is Mario he is from Italy. He wears a red hat the has a white letter on it M for the initial of his name. He wears a denim overalls that makes him look like farmer and underneath that a red long sleeve. Mario plays a big part in this game he is the one who kills the enemies by killing the enemies and by avoiding enemies otherwise he falls into colourful pieces.

The equipment you will need to play this game is a keyboard and a computer or any other digital device. The arrow that is pointing upwards is the key to jump, the arrow that is facing your right is the key to run forward. The arrow facing your left makes you turn around, and the arrow that is facing downwards is the arrow to make come down from a high distance. To kill your enemies you need to jump on them by using the up arrow and the right too. That will make them fall into little colourful pieces.

For me I would give this game an absolute 10 out of 10. I would recommend this game because it’s a fun game for kids to enjoy. The things I like about this game is that it’s a basic game but at the same time it’s enjoyable for kids to have a little bit of fun and my dislike about this game is that when you lose you have to wait about 5 seconds for the game to restart even though it’s not that long it’s so frustrating.
Task: In writing this week we were writing about Super Mario World. We had a session were we sat in silence for about 12-13 minutes trying to write effective paragraphs. We had a look at each others writing and shared what we needed to fix and what was good about it. We also as a whole class looked at one specific persons writing to try and make it even better. Hope you enjoy.

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