Tuesday, 30 June 2015

My Super Power

WALT: write effective paragraphs using juicy and exiting words. 

Image result for super heroesYour not tricking me any more. Oh how I wish I had Super Powers just imagine that. If I had a superpower it would be to read minds so that if tricky people were trying to prank me I would know what they were up to.

If you had a superpower like mine you would not only read human minds, but you can also read animals minds. When using this sensational power it will feel like you can see the future, what’s coming next. You cannot see what it looks like,other super powers like momentum you can. The one thing that you can see is the solution of what it is that they are thinking about.

Marked by:Venetia

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I would use this power when a person is trying to play a trick on me. Like if  I didn't know about it I would just turn on my powers and read their mind to find out more. It would also come in handy for when evil people try to raid the world I would read their minds to find out their plan so that we can destroy them and their plan too.

This power would be insane because you can see what’s coming next in the future, you can see what other people are thinking about. Another reason why I like this super power would come in handy is because it could help you to make others feel better. Like if they were feeling hurt you could just read their minds to find out what the problem was and solve it.

Our task this week was to write a super power story but we had to do it in steps. First we studied more about the topic then we figured out how long it would take us to write one sentence and that was 3 minutes. We tried writing juicy and exiting words. We wrote a paragraph at a time and in between those paragraphs we refracted somebody else's work to make it better.

I learnt how to write better sentences long and complex and how to re craft my work. I also learnt how to look for more juicy words using the thesaurus. We got into partners and marked each others work using the rubric. We got marked out of 4 and tried to improve our writing.

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