Tuesday, 23 June 2015

Maths Teacher Lesson Week 9


Task: This is what my group the protractors learnt today. We learnt how to convert fractions like this We started off with 39/6 and then we had to turn it into a mixed for example this is what I did: We have

39/6  then we divide it by 6 and in our case the closest number is 6. So that means 6x6= 36 with a remainder 3 but 3 is not a fraction so it's 3/6 but we are also learning how to put fractions into simplest form so what we had to do was divide 3 from the 3/6 divide it by 3=1 then 6 divided by 3=2 so we add the 1 with the 2. And our answer is...

Answer: 6 1/3 

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