Thursday, 15 October 2015

The Pt England School Production, Cindy In da House

The Pt England School Production, Cindy in da house was AWESOME. Acting, dancing, singing this production just couldn't get any better. I thought that the story had been acted out absolutely superb and the dancers and everyone performed really well. I really enjoyed the singing "It's a hard knock life for ME" It was sung amazingly. 

The acting was done to perfection and I really felt like it was a Cinderella Story. I really enjoyed the Pt England School Production and I bet that all the parents and viewers loved it too. 

A famous fairy tale story told by Pt England School just like the original Cinderella Glass Slipper story, had been acted out, written again and changed around a bit to a G.I styles play. Where a girl called Cindy meets a handsome boy Josh, head boy and rugby captain. They both meet at the Prefects ball and like in the real story when the clock strikes, Cindy in a hurry rushes away leaving a Flower Sandal behind. 

This wonderful production, Cindy In da house, took place at Pt England School. I would rate the school production a 5 out of 5.

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