Tuesday, 3 May 2016

Immersion Assembly 2016

Term 2 has just started and to start off this term we always have a special Immersion assembly, all the teachers dress up in costumes to show what their team will be learning about. This term’s topic is “as I see it”. It’s all about art and all of the school Team 1, Team 2, Team 3, Team 4 and Team 5 are working on different types of art.

The focus for Team 1 is “My favourite things”. Team 2’s focus for this term is all the seasons Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter. Team 3 are learning about building and they actually based their movie and item for Immersion Assembly on a actual program that comes on t.v Grand designs. Team 4 focused their art on comics and making their own superheroes. Lastly Team 5, we are focusing on ancestors and the four waka Hikianalia, Hinemoana, Hokule’a and Te Aurere.

I really liked the Team 3 idea, building, fixing and designing. I really like their idea because you can really go crazy with what you build. I also like their idea because one day I could turn out to be a great builder and maybe I could even build my own dream house. You could make anything that comes to your mind build a house, shelter, shop or even a school.

Team 5 are just learning about art and colours, I do like our topic because one day I might decide to become an artist like Vincent Van gogh, or Picasso. I am really looking forward to this year.  I can’t wait to find out what we'll be doing  this year and I’m also looking forward to learning about more types of art.

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