Friday, 8 May 2015

The earthquake in Nepal

WALT: Find proof of the authors message.
  1. What do you think about the earthquake in Nepal?
First if all I think It was a great idea to send the international aid to help. I also feel terrible about the people who have lost their loved ones and their homes.  
   2.   What would it mean to you if an earthquake had struck your country?
I would be devastated if an earthquake had struck my country. I would be worried about my family and loved ones. Also the power lines would be cut out and I wouldn't have anything to do.  
      3.If you had a chance to help the people in Nepal would you?
Yes I would, I would try my best to help the people in need, I could do a bake sale, a sausage  sizzle sale, also try my best to use my coding skills to help the people in the remote countries.
Task : Our task was to take what we had read from the book we read and pretend that we were interviewing them. We had to write what we thought the would say about the earthquake in Nepal.

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