Wednesday, 13 May 2015

Two little pigs suspiciously murdered by a wolf.

 Walt: Write a news style report.
Two little pigs suspiciously murdered by a wolf
By Yvonne Vili

Three little pigs were sent away by their mum to find their own homes, yet all were cruelly attacked in their homes by a wolf. The first two pigs were found dead beside their homes. Surprisingly the third one managed to slay the wolf and is unharmed.

Sadly the two first pigs having no building experience, made their houses with weak material that was not strong enough. The first pig made his house out of just straw, and the simply wolf blew his house down and then viciously ate him. The second pig built a house of small thin sticks, and the wolf easily with just one mighty huff blew his house down and that pig was unfortunately eaten too.

On the other hand he third pig having experience knew that he had to build his house out of strong material. So he made his house out of bricks and the wolf tried and tried to blow his house. The house was too strong. The wolf tried climbing down the chimney but with luck on the side the smart pig boiled up a pot and the wolf fell into. That was the end of the wolf.

We were able to catch up with the Mother pig and the 3rd son in an interview.
3rd pig
How do you do you feel about the loss of your two brothers?
Well I feel really sad about the loss. When I heard about it I straight away fell on the floor and started crying. I ran as fast as I could to mama pig to tell her the news, overwhelmed with sadness she broke into tears as well. We were devastated.
What was your reaction when the wolf turned up at your front door?
Well when I saw him I did feeling that he had did something bad to my other brothers. Sadly I couldn't do anything about it. I'm glad that he is dead now and that he is never coming back.
When you were sent away by your mother were you upset?
Well I think it was a good idea because were big enough to look after ourselves. I think mama pig just needed some space away from us for a while.

Mother pig
Do you regret sending your three little pigs away?
Yes now that I've heard about the tragedy I really do regret sending them away. “My poor babies” I now feel terribly guilty about the death if my two sons.
When you heard about the loss of you two sons what was your reaction?

:Well as my 3rd son said I fell and broke down into tears. I ran to see if it was true and when I saw my two sons laying there on the floor I just couldn't even look at them. I was really disappointed.
Task: This week we've been learning about writing a news report. This news report is about the three little pigs I've bet you've read the story. Well if you haven't here's my take on what happened in the story. We also had to write a few questions and pretend to interview the mama pig and the 3rd little pig

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